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Pressdraft allows you to create a gorgeous social media press release like this in just a single step. You'll get more coverage through a trustworthy and modern presentation of your story.

What Pressdraft offers:

  • -A single-step, guided form to create a press release in just a few minutes.
  • -Simple to use editors for crafting a compelling story.
  • -Consistent and modern layout that looks great on just about every device — from desktop to mobile.
  • -Fully social-media enabled through single-click sharing.
  • -Beautiful image viewer with full resolution downloads.
  • -Play videos directly in your press release.
  • -Share documents like PDF or PowerPoint.
  • -Highly SEO optimised and preferred by Google or Facebook due to the latest techniques, such as:
  • -Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Be ready for the mobile web with technology that's already used by NY Times, CNN or WSJ.
  • -Facebook story previews that stand out in the news stream.
  • -Twitter cards provide an extra large preview of your press release that works directly in the Twitter timeline.
  • -Open Graph and other behind the scenes optimisations make it easy for search engines or Facebook to pick up your story.
  • -QR Code for quick and easy reading on mobile devices.
  • -Exclusive short link at http://press.re
  • -An auto-generated PDF version of your press release, also including...
  • -A beautiful print version that makes printing worth again.
  • -An auto-generated contact card including all your social media accounts to make it easy to get in touch with you.
  • -Optional Facebook Live Comments for readers of your press release.
  • -Statistics and password protection [Coming soon].
  • -Completely flexible — only use what you need.

Best of all, publishing your press release only costs $30.

There are no subscriptions, no plans or other costs. You don't even need to create an account. Simply complete the single form and you'll be done in minutes.


See for yourself in this example from Tesla.

You can publish a beautiful press release like this. Stop publishing boring news the old way and try Pressdraft for free to see how easy it is to use. You'll be done in just a few minutes.


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